2013-04-20 07:05:09 by Peglay

Happy 4/20 to all you stoners out there :D

Time to bake!

Also, fuck 'em and their law.


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2013-04-20 09:00:57

Happy Columbine/Hitler/stoner day too!


2013-04-20 11:47:49

Thank you! Let's end prohibition and start acting responsibly
wOOt 4 teh weed


2013-04-25 16:42:11

Happy 4/20!


2013-09-03 05:46:14

So how ya been? Playing any new games, got any new projects/drawings?

Peglay responds:

i havent been doing anything productive lately, been playing alot of ksp, some good old far cry 2 and this strange game called papers please
as for projects i'm working on a few things but god knows when or even if i'll ever finish them.